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Life Coaching - Be Your Best Self

1-2-1 coaching - see the woods for the trees and achieve the successful life you deserve

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1.00 euro/min


I offer coaching via the telephone and face to face. If you decide that telephone coaching is for you then I will call you at our scheduled time. If you choose our face to face sessions can take place in my home, at your office or in a neutral location. Between sessions, if you need my support, you can take advantage of my short power calls, free of charge.

I am available for coaching hours Monday to Friday between 9.30 am - 7.00 pm . The duration of telephone sessions is 45 minutes and face to face 1.5 hours.

Services & Pricing
  • Telephone sessions of 45-minutes. I pay for the calls. £45 each or

    •  4 sessions purchased in advance for £160 saving £20.
    • 6 sessions purchase in advance for £230 saving £40

  • Email coaching. Unlimited - guaranteed reply within 48 hours (probably much sooner) excluding Sundays. £30 per week or £100 per month.
  • Face to face coaching sessions – 1 ½ hours. Rates on application.
Client Bonuses
Extra Time: You may call me between our session times if you need coaching on an issue, or can't wait to tell me about something great.

Feel free to e-mail me during the week to a] share a win, b] clarify a point, c] have me review something, or request coaching on a particular issue.


If you have a friend, family member or colleague who would like 'one-off' coaching on a particular issue, I am happy to spend 30 minutes with them. There is no charge for this.

Free Week For you when one of your referrals signs up for coaching with me.
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